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Interactions with Dandelion

Although the components of dandelion have diuretic properties (Blumenthal 2000), no clinically significant interactions between this herb and diuretic or other medications have been reported in the literature.

Quinolone Antibiotics

The high mineral content of Taraxacum mongolicum, Chinese dandelion, may interfere with the absorption of quinolone antibiotics. In a rat study, concurrent dosing of aqueous Taraxacum mongolicum extract (2 g/kg) and ciprofloxacin (20 mg/kg po) lowered the maximum plasma concentration of ciprofloxacin by 73% (Zhu et al. 1999). It is not known if Taraxacum officinale, European or common dandelion, would interact similarly with quinolone antibiotics and reduce the blood levels of these drugs.


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