One secret for English Learners

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Word Stress is golden key for

speaking and understanding English. IT is *very important*.

to try to learn about it.

because it is one of the *best* ways for you to understand spoken English -

What is Word Stress?

Take 3 words: photograph, photographer and photographic for example,

. Do they sound the same when you speak them

No! They sound different, because *one* syllable in each

(word is "stressed" (stronger than the others




This happens in ALL words with 2 or more syllables :

TEACHer, JaPAN, CHINa, aBOVE, converSAtion, INteresting,iimPORtant, deMANd

The syllables that are not stressed are 'weak' or 'small' or 'quiet'.

Native speakers of English listen for the stressed syllables,

not the weak syllables. If you use Word Stress in your speech,

you will instantly and automatically improve your

pronunciation andyour comprehension

Try to hear the stress in words every

time you listen to English - on the radio,

or in films for example.

Your first step is to *hear*

recognise and After that, you can *use* it!


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