Doping in sports

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Drug abuse is an attempt to enhance performance which is a cheating process acually

Doping means the use of substance or method that potentially harmful to athlete `s health

reasons of use drugs by athletes

1- to build mass & strengh of muscles or bone
2- to increase delivery of oxygen for excercising tissue
3- to mask pain
4- for relaxation
5- to reduce weight
6- to hide the use of other drugs
7- to stimulate the body

classes of prohibited substances & methods of doping

1- relaxants : alcohols ..,, beta blockers..,, cannabinoids
2- Anabolic agent :HGG..,,HGH..,, LH..,, B2 agonist
3- stimulant: caffeine ..,, amphitamine ..,, cocaine
4- mask pain: narcotics ..,, ACTH..,, local anesthetics


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