Trans fats


natural liquid vegetable oil are compise mainly fatty acids
Trans fats are formed when manufacturers turn liquid oils into solid fats (Trans isomers ) has the same chemical formula as normal isomers ( cis isomers)
except for the fact that its hydrogen atom is in different spatial arrangement

During the hydrogenation of vegetable oil - acommercial process to harden oil for production of fats like shortening & hard margarine .
As a result of this process , oil become semisolid , more stable at room temperature & more saturated
Trans isomers melt at 44 c . cis ( normal ) melt at 13 c
Hydrogenation increases the shelf life & flaver stability of foods .

Trans fats can be found in a list of foods
margarine , crackers , cereals , candies , donuts , baked goods , cockies ., granola bars , french fries ( chips) ,snack foods , salad dressing , fats ,fried food , & many other processed foods

Trans fats are found naturally in small quantities in some foods including
beef , pork , lamb , butter & milk

Typical french fries have about 40% trans fats & many popular cookies & crackrrs range
from 30-55 % trans fats
donuts have about 35-40% trans fat

Trans fat are known to
increase blood level of low density lipoprotien (LDL )or " bad " cholesterol
while lowering levels of high denisty lipoprotiens ( HDL) or "good " cholesterol
It also couse major clogging of arteries ,
type 2 diabetes &
other serious health problems &
was found to increase the risk of heart disease


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