Practical Strategies/Materials for Clinical Caries Management

الرجل البخاخالرجل البخاخ عضو ماسي
تم تعديل 2009/07/12 في المداواة اللبية Endodontics
Practical implications for daily practice. A short overview of how current
concepts and instruments for caries detection, diagnosis and risk assessment will
help to inform treatment decisions. Thought-provoking discussions focused on
practical management, e.g. of non-cavitated lesions (and what those mean from an
enamel and dentinal involvement vs. infection of tissue), sealing vs. removing
demineralized tissue, what materials to use and why –based on evidence and risk
of the patient–, etcetera. What to do with more advanced lesions? This
presentation will provide the clinician with strategies to implement contemporary
caries management in day-to-day practice and deliver excellent clinical care.
Learning Objectives:
• What devices are most appropriate for the clinical diagnosis of caries
• When is it advisable to surgically remove caries vs. utilize non-surgical
• Understand how to implement caries management techniques in your daily
practice which are practical.