What are the essential skills needed to study biochemistry in germany

i need to know computer skills rather than win & office package + scientific programs used + studying skills needed (like speed reading , time management,....etc) i need to gain these skills before traveling to get a PhD degree to make it easier for me to cope with university life as in my home country it is completely different


  • AmmarAmmar عضو نشيط
    تم تعديل 2012/08/22
    How can we help you then?
  • golden-ghostgolden-ghost عضو جديد
    تم تعديل 2012/08/23
    your help will be to told me if you know
    scientific programs used
    study skills needed to cope with univerrsity life in this country

    many thanks for your interest
  • AmmarAmmar عضو نشيط
    تم تعديل 2012/08/25
    First of all, for any study in Germany, there are few aspects you should know:

    - Germany is a country, where everything is NOT that complicated, but it is also to be informed, that you should prepare yourself for some hard time at the start.
    - Mostly, the preperations before traveling in has rarely good value.
    - Most of the usefull information can be found online in the German websites, unfortunately, in the german language, so you should at least get few skills with the German language.
    - Some good start is: http://www.daad.de and http://www.study-in.de/en/

    More details are useless for you, as for every single study field, there are tons of things to know about, which we can't cover it here, until we are specialized in that specific field.

    I hope we have given you some useful information, and I am in Germany, if you need some help with the german sites, just message me here.