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Interactions with Melatonin
Clonidine; Methoxamine

Melatonin impaired the efficacy of both methoxamine and clonidine by relaxing vascular smooth muscle through an undetermined mechanism in an ex-vivo experiment using thoracic aorta excised from male rats (Weekley 1991). It is not known whether exogenous melatonin can antagonize the effects of methoxamine and clonidine in humans.

Desipramine; Fluoxetine

In an experimental rat study, exogenous melatonin (0.25 mg/kg/day) abolished the antidepressant effects of desipramine and fluoxetine possibly through interference with tryptophan-2,3-dioxygenase activity (Walsh and Daya 1998). More research is needed to determine if exogenous melatonin counteracts the effects of antidepressants in humans.


Preliminary research suggests that tamoxifen plus high-dose melatonin may be of benefit in patients with metastatic solid tumors or breast cancer (Lissoni et al. 1995A; Lissoni et al. 1996). More research is needed to confirm these effects.


The combination of melatonin (100 mg/day) with triazolam improved subjective sleep quality in healthy subjects (Ferini-Strambi et al. 1993). Another case study reported that melatonin (1 mg/day controlled release) improved sleep quality and enabled a patient to cease long-term benzodiazepine therapy (Dagan et al. 1997).


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