How to Get Over the Flu

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How to Get Over the Flu

Come winter and almost everyone is in bed with the flu. You cannot go to work, you feel lethargic,

you do not feel like doing anything, you lose your appetite and the only thing that keeps you busy the

entire day is either sneezing into the handkerchief, or sniffing continuously or trying to sleep ignoring

the splitting headache. Catching the flu or influenza, really demands a lot from you. So many people

are looking for some easy ways on how to get over the flu fast. Given below are some of the simple

flu treatment which you can try out and get rid of the flu.

Flu Remedies

Suffering from cold and flu can be very irritating, especially when you cannot afford to miss office due

to it. The constant sneezing, the running nose, the headache, the body ache, all together, gives you a

very bad time. So let us now see how to get over flu quickly so that one can

carry on with your normal day to day activities.

•Since sweating in winter is less, it's best that you go for sauna. When you sweat here, the sweat will

help in getting rid of all the toxins from the body. You can also take a real hot shower (make sure

that the water is not scalding hot), which will help you to feel better when you have flu. It will also

reduce the body ache that bothers you.

•One of the best flu treatments is fasting. By fasting I do not mean that you have to follow a strict

diet. I mean that you should not take in any food at all. When you have flu, you lose your appetite.

Your body refuses food. Listen to your body. Refuse food for at least a day. This will help your body

to get rid of all the toxins fast. Also, after the flu, you will not be weak.

•If you feel that fasting is not your cup of tea, then you can eat some fruits that are rich in vitamin C,

such as oranges, or maybe mangoes, or papayas, etc. A fruit diet for a few days, is another best

solution if you're wondering about how to get over the flu quickly.

•There is nothing like exercising daily. Even though the flu will make you feel weak and lethargic, do

not forget to exercise daily, as this will help you to sweat out all the body toxins, which will help get

rid of the flu faster. It also improves the blood circulation in our body and it further helps in proper

circulation of the lymphatic fluid.

•Many people take in vitamin pills during this time. Do not do that, because studies have shown that

they behave in a far different manner than the vitamins that are present inside our body.

•During flu, people also suffer from a terrible bout of sore throat and I feel that is that is the most

irritating thing. You cannot eat, you have difficulty in swallowing, and you also cannot speak properly.

So, the best thing that you can do while learning how to get over the flu fast is gargling with warm

salt water, as this will help you soothe the pain and will also get rid of the sore throat. This is one of

the best flu home remedies.

Now we know how to get over the flu in 24 hours. The cold and flu remedies given above, will surely

help you in several ways. No longer do you have to spend days in bed with the sneezing and coughing

and headache. But that does not mean that you will not take proper care of yourself. Follow a healthy

diet so that the immune system does not weaken, specially during the winter, and you catch a cold.

As we all know, prevention is better than cure.

By Ratnashri Dutta


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    nice article...... thanks alot
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    فعلاً الانفلونزا داء هالايام ............ مشكورة عالنصائح غاردينيا
  • غاردينياغاردينيا Foreign Languages Supervisor
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    you 're welcome Lama and D.Ali
  • Dr.AhmadDr.Ahmad مدير عام
    تم تعديل 2011/01/09
    Thanks Gardinia, nice information

    But if you please i will comment in some points:

    1- For excersice during flu, that's never good, because during activity body will secret Catecholamine hormones like Adrenaline and Noradrenaline that don't benefit in flu, while when we get rest in bed the body will secret Corticosteroids like Cortisone that relief all symptoms of flu

    2- For Vitamins pills points, that's the true eye, because not only body will benefit from vitamins but also other invasing organism will benefit also and will be stronger.
  • غاردينياغاردينيا Foreign Languages Supervisor
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    It's my pleasure D.Ahmed and I'm glad that you put

    your comment becaouse my goal of moving this article is to see your point of view as doctors