Breast Enlargement Herbs

Modern science is just becoming aware of the healthy aspects of phyto-estrogens and their role in increasing the size and health of the breasts.

The phyto-nutrients in these herbs for the breasts have been featured in numerous books about breast health and the prevention of breast cancer.

The enhancing effect of herbs such as fenugreek and saw palmetto have been used in folk medicine for centuries

The following are the most important of these herbs.

minimizes symptoms of menopause, increases breast size and milk production in nursing mothers

India's traditional Ayurvedic physicians prescribed it to nursing mothers to increase their milk.
In American folk medicine, fenugreek was considered a potent menstruation promoter.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is now a popular and effective treatment for prostate enlargement in men but has it’s origins in natural medicine as a breast enlarger and is still recommended today by naturopathic physicians for increasing breast size.

It is also used as an aphrodesiac, for the treatment of impotence in men, and for inhibited sexual desire in women. Saw palmetto has been used for centuries.

Native Americans, dating back to pre-Mayan civilizations, used the berries for food and medicine and particularly for breast disorders in women

Saw palmetto is useful as a nutritive tonic, supporting the function of a healthy appetite and smooth digestion. Saw palmetto berry also tones the urethra, and it may be used to uphold the healthy function of the thyroid gland and urinary system.

This remarkable herb has no side effects or drug interactions. It’s breast enhancing effects stem from phyto-nutrients that stimulate breast tissue, increasing health and size.

To call saw palmetto a “man’s herb” is a disservice to it’s healthy benefits for both sexes.

Wild Yam

Wild Yam is probably the most widely used herbal tonic for women’s health. It is widely used as a breast enlarger and a sexual stimulant
Wild Yam has long been used for it’s benefits in women’s reproductive health, including premenstrual syndrome and menopausal problems.
It can be taken in capsules or in tea (though there are mixed opinions on the flavor).
The powder can be added to creams or vaginal ointments, and can be added to your lotion for breast massage.
The phyto-nutrients in wild yam are a good compliment to the nutrients in fenugreek for stimulating breast size increases.


Fennel has been used for centuries to enhance breast size and to promote milk production in new mother
It is second only to Fenugreek in estrogenic compounds and can be used in tea or added to lotion and massged directly into the breasts.
Fennel is also used to treat amenorrhea, angina, asthma, heartburn, high blood pressure and to increase sexual desire in women.
It is rich in the phyto-nutrients that increase breast size and is a great addition to the program.


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