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Q1) one of the following is not prepared in a horizontal laminar flow?
- antibiotics
- chemotherapy
- large volume fluid***
- total parental nutrition

Q2) nor epinephrine stimulate B1 adrenergic receptor and alpha adrenergic receptor?
- increase contractility and heart rate
- vasoconstriction and increase blood pressure
- a+b***
- non

Q3) use safely in the trimester?

Q4) isosorbide nitrate 20 mg & 40 mg ((بأي ساعة تأخذ الجرعة وما المدة بين الجرعتين
Isosorbide dinitrate is vasodilator effect antianginal in angina pectoris 2-5 mg befor 15 min activity likely to cause angina duration of action up to 12 hours.
In angina pectoris(prevention) sub lingual 2.5-5 mg two or three / daily
Initial= 20 mg 3/4 daily , maintainance = 10-40 mg 2/3 daily

Q5) شيء لا يوجد بالوصفة الطبية ؟

Q6)ما هي جرعة الباراسيتامول للأطفال الذين يبلغون من العمر 3 شهور
For child 3 months to 1 year the dose is 60-120 mg (i.e 2.5 -5 ml)4-6 hours to maximum foure dose daily .

Q7) glucose 5% is not suitable for:
-emergency hyperkalemia
-emergency water deficiency

Q8) ACE هل هناك اختلاف أساسي بين مجموعة
They are major clinical difference between the different member ACE inh:
No they are basically equally effective if used in appropriate dose.

Q9) isoniazide is TB agent that:
( اعرف عنه كل شي)
Isoniazide INH is a known to be liver enzyme inh , therefore its co- administration with drug that metabolized by the liver would lead to:
d) decrease rate of metabolism of that drug lead to increase response of drug

note( INH used in tb for 2 month initial phase and 4 monthes in continous phase)
adult dose 300 mg daily , chaild 5-10 mg

Q10) Digoxin is monitoring in :

Q11) اعرف كل شيء عن ال oxytocin
Indication: of labour or stimulate of labour in hypotonic uterin inertia by IV infusion do not use above 5 unit, used also for preventon postpartum haemorrhge after delivery.

Q12) one of this is not use in ascaris infection

Q13) increase digoxin level in person with (متى تزيد نسبته مثلا الكبار بالعمر و.... (
In elderly with people renal insufficiency the level of digoxin increase.

Q14) phenyl ephrine?????اعرف كل شي عنه
Indication of phenylephrine : acute hypotention,mydrasis, decongestant ,sympathomemetic, iv additive, ttt nasal congestion, running nose

Q15) all this controlled drug except:

Q16) احفظ اسماء ادوية ال bronchodilator

Q17) action of the allopurinol??
Mechanism of action is xanthin oxidase inh used for 1)prophylaxis of gout 2)ttt of uric acid and ca oxalate renal stone.

Q18) ACE I ما هو الاستخدام الأساسي ل
Hypertention and CHF regardless of the cause .

Q19) misoprostol أحفظ كل شيء عن
Synthetic PEG prostaglandine has antisecretory and protective ,promot healing of gastric ulcer & associated NSAID ulcer common side effect diarrhea its contraindicated in pregnancy.

Q20) nifidipine اعرف كل المعلومات عن
Is ca channel blocker is relax smooth muscle vascular muscle and dailate coronary artery
Indication rophylaxis angina , hypertention , raynaudes phenomens
Caution:withdrow if schemic pain occure.
Contraindication:cardiogenic shock, advanced aoretic stenosis , myocardial infraction.
S.E: hedeach, flushing, diazziness, tachycardia , nausea , conistipation ,diarrhea …. Etc
Trade name: adalat

Q21) ischemic heart disease contraindication :
-isosorbide nitrate***

Q22) time for treatment of Brucellosis is 6 weeks

Q23) what the name of antibacterial that take with vit c to increase activity?

Q24) narcotic prescription ما هي المدة التي يحتفظ فيها ب
-10 year
- 5 year***
-2 year
-non of above

Q25)clonidine كل شيء عن
Indication:hypertention ,migraine
Dose:50-100 microgram 3 time daily increased every second or theird day usually max dose 1.2 mg/dailly

Q26) % elimination of ferrous gluconate:

Q27) كم مساحة فتحة الإبرة

Q28) relationship between drug in body and plasma conc:
-one compartment model
-volume distribution
- half life
-elimination time****

Q29) ماذا تفعل حتى يشعر المريض بشعور الراحة حول الدكتورduring ptn counceling on medication what are the things that make ptn feel confidant and comfortable about information your give:
c) assure ptn compliance with his/ her drugs, don’t discuss major side effect with ptn.
- تعلق الشهادة ع الحائط
- تخبره عن معلومات خاصة بك
- تخبره عن الآثار الجانبية للدواء
- كل ما ذكر صحيح

Q30) E Coli cause of:
- U T I
- Diarrhea
- Meningitis
- All of a above***

Q31) which of the following is not cause weight gain:
- Insulin
- Pergolide***
- Bioglinide
- Metforme

Q32) aseptic technique use for:
- Extemporaneous preparation
- Ophthalmic preparation
- Iv injection preparation
- All of above***

Q33) which of one is no effect on platelet:
- Aspirin
- Heparin***
- Warfarin
- ????????

Q34) use of glucocorticoid?
Anti-inflammatory, acute hyper sensitivity reaction, suppression of inflammation , allergic disorder, conginetal adrenal hyperplasia , cerebral odema , asthma broncho dilator , rheumatic fever , hepatitis and sarcoidosis , immunosupprssion , aretritis , aphthous ulcer, diagnosis of caushin syndrome ,nausea, vomiting with chemotherapy , eye & ear inflammation, shock

Q35) extemporaneous preparation
Of misoprostol gel for cervical ripening: saftley and effeicacy of intravaginal misorostol gel.
Used in oral medicin for children when dug prescriped are unlicensed or off label for liquid, capsul ,powder.
The most common extempororanous prep product were solution and suspension .
And used in unlamellar liposome and in in perp lisinopril .
Note clamid: aprocess for extemporaneous prep of liposome the divice dialysate for dialysis generator.

Q36) narcotic ماذا يجب ان يكتب بالوصفة حتى تصرف أدوية
According to MOH regulation narcotic prescription can be dispensed by it pharmacist when:
a)All of above****
b)having clear ptn name and identification number written clearly on the prescription.
c)having the presciper number , identification number, signature clearly.
d)the prescription can be filled maximum of 3 days after his been written.

Q37) all of these cause GTI upset except:
- Valporate
- Pheno barbitone****
- Phenytion
- Chlorpromazine


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