blind love - Nizar qabani

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قصيدة حب أعمى للشاعر الكبير نزار قباني حبيت ترجمها للإنكليزي فعطوني رأيكن بالترجمة و القصيدة و النقد عليهن
blind love

Said to him ..
i am bline girl In the world and there are many girls
Sweet , beautiful and exciting
However, what you are crazy .. mercy
on the blind eye

Said ..
Rather, I am lover you sweetie
I do wish to be my life
However, my wife become
God has blessed me with money
And I think recovery is impossible

She said ..
The prepared to me my eyes
i will be your, my destiny
And I will spend my life with you
But ..
Gives me the eyes!?
Any overnight stays has ..?
One the day he arrived quickly
be happy i have found the donor
you will see again what the creation of God and created an
and you will do your promise to me
And you're my wife

On open mind
He stood holding her hand
Saw ..
she yell loudly
Are you also blind?!
She cried on her bad luck

dont be sad my love
You'll be my eyes
When my wife became
She said ..
I marry you am I blind?
Today the vision

Cried .. Forgive me, "he said
Who am I to marry you
But ..
Beforeyou leave me
I want you to mining
To take care of a good with my eyes


  • عاشقة العلومعاشقة العلوم عضو ماسي
    تم تعديل 2010/02/17
    it is so nice my brother we wait more
  • TAMMAMTAMMAM عضو ذهبي
    تم تعديل 2010/02/17

    Ammar your English not so good

    so , ??????

    how you did it
  • dn.ammardn.ammar عضو مميز
    تم تعديل 2010/02/18
    thanx science Lover and Tamam for you nice words you honor me and surely that kind of
    you thanx a lot

    niima I am so glad to meet you again in the forum surely that a pride source for us and all members god bless you and we wait your elegant subjects:)

    my dear friend Tama who told this my english is not so good anf if that was supposedly no one Remains the same and you know english the world laguage and we should improve our self and translation one of these ways;);)
  • عاشقة العلومعاشقة العلوم عضو ماسي
    تم تعديل 2010/02/18
    hhhhhhhhhhhh that's great brother ammar i think that you spend all your time in studiying of english
  • TAMMAMTAMMAM عضو ذهبي
    تم تعديل 2010/02/18
    Ammar super student

    your are greate
  • dn.ammardn.ammar عضو مميز
    تم تعديل 2010/02/20
    thanx science lover and tamam a gaind for passing on poem god bless you:)
  • تم تعديل 2010/04/09
    it is nice but i think it is better in it's original language-arabic-