natural male contraceptive

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is a polyphenol derived from the cotton plant (genus Gossypium, family Malvaceae).

Gossypol is a polyphenolic aldehyde that permeates cells and acts as an inhibitor for
several dehydrogenase enzymes. It is a yellow pigment
Among other things, it has been tested as a male oral contraceptive in China. In addition to its contraceptive properties, gossypol has also long been known to possess anti-malarial properties

Other researchers are investigating the anti-cancer properties of gossypol

Contraceptive use
A 1929 investigation in Jiangxi showed correlation between low fertility in males and use of crude cottonseed oil for cooking. The compound causing the contraceptive effect was determined to be gossypol

In the mid-1990s, the Brazilian pharmaceutical company Hebron announced plans to market a low-dose gossypol pill called Nofertil, but the pill never came to market. Its release was indefinitely postponed due to unacceptably high rates of permanent infertility. Between five and twenty-five percent of the men remained azoospermic up to a year after stopping treatment. The longer the men had taken the drug and the higher their overall dosage, the more likely the men were to have lowered fertility or to become completely infertile. Researchers have suggested that gossypol might make a good non-invasive alternative to surgical vasectomy

In 1998, the World Health Organization's Research Group on Methods for the Regulation of Male Fertility recommended that research should be abandoned. In addition to the other side effects, the WHO researchers were concerned about gossypol's toxicity: the toxic dose in primates is less than 10 times the contraceptive dose. This report effectively ended further studies of gossypol as a temporary contraceptive, but research into using it as an alternative to vasectomy continues in Austria, Brazil, Chile, China, the Dominican Republic, and Nigeria]


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    Lack of complete reversibility was the second major concern raised by the Chinese trials.
    Some men in those studies remained azoospermic after stopping treatment.
    The longer the men had taken the gossypol and the higher their overall dosage, the more likely they were to lose part or all of their fertility.
    Various studies reported between 5 and 25 percent of the men remained infertile up to a year after stopping treatment.
    A long-term follow up study of men who had taken gossypol showed that 61% of the men regained normal fertility with "a median recovery time of 1.1 years" (Meng 1988). However, 22% remained azoospermic after 3 years
    Gossypol as an alternative to vasectomy Some researchers propose taking advantage of gossypol’s lack of reversibility by using it as a non-surgical alternative to vasectomy. Dr. Coutinho (2002) proposes that gossypol “should be prescribed preferably to men who have completed their families or for those who would accept permanent infertility after a few years of use.” Even this type of use for gossypol may be controversial unless the WHO changes its stance.
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    3 possible mechanisms of action of gossypol were investigated:
    genotoxicity -- is gossypol genotoxic, that is, does it alter normal DNA replication processes and could this account for its ability to alter spermatogenesis;
    lipid peroxidation -- because gossypol's effects at toxic levels show striking similarities to a deficiency of the antioxidant vitamin E, what is the evidence that its antifertility mechanism is related to either an actual physiological deficit of vitamin E or to lipid peroxidation
    ; and disruption of endocrine function -- what are gossypol's primary cellular sites of action within the reproduction system, and precisely how did it alter endocrine function, if at all. [/align][/SIZE][/FONT]
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