Artifitial fats


artifitial fats & fat substitutes have become more common as manufacturers target peaple who misinformation have accuired aversions to fats or who would like to diet without reducing food intake


is an artifitial fat created from sucrose & up to 8 fatty acids

in the olestra chemical structure , sucrose takes the place of glycerol

the olestra molecule is too large to be metabolised & passes through the body uncharged , but because it act as a lipid ,it can cause depletion of fat-soluble vitamins

The main purpose of these compounds is to create products that technically "fat free" & whose calories & fatty acid compositions are not reported on the Nutrition Facts of food labels


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    Normal fats consist of a glycerol molecule with three fatty acid tails attached. However, Olestra is synthesized using a sucrose molecule, which can support from six to eight fatty acid chains arranged radially like an octopus, and is too large to move through the intestinal wall and be absorbed. Olestra has the same taste and mouthfeel as fat, but since it does not contain glycerol and the fatty acid tails can not be removed from the sucrose molecule for digestion, it passes through the digestive system without being absorbed and adds no calories or nutritive value to the diet.
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    شكراً على الإقادة ...بس ليش الكل هل الأيام مركزة على الدسم و الأحماض الدسمة ؟؟!!
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    بسبب رمضان والعادات الغذائيه غير السليمه اللى اغلبنا بيعملها
    وكمان لان مشكله السمنه والكوليستيرول مشكله مزمنه وبيتسم بيها عصرنا ده وسبب ف كتير من امراض مزمنه تانيه
    ربنا يحفظنا ويشفر كل مريض منها
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    فعلاً سارة معاك حق لان ماحدا عرفان معنا الصيام ...لان وقت الإفطار و هاد عند الكل بتلاق أكتر من 3أو4 أصناف من الطعام و كلها يكون دسمة ووو.......

    الله يعافينا ..اللهم آمين