Penicillin G sodium

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Penicillin G sodium:
Trade names: Crystalline Penicillin
Class: Antibiotic " Broad-spectrum penicillin '
Pregnancy: (Category B)
· Inhibit bacterial cell wall synthesis
Gram +Ve cocci “streptococci, meningococci, pneumococei"
Subacute bacterial endocarditis caused by group A streptococci.
Gonorrhea due to gonococci.
Diphtheria, tetanus, anthrax, gas gangrene.
Prophylaxis for rheumatic fever.
100 000 -300 000 unit/kg/day in divided doses 4-6 hours
Hypersensitivity .
Side effects:
Rapid I.V. administration may cause hyperkalemia & cardiac arrhythmias.
Diarrhea , abdominal cramps \pain , nausea, vomiting.
Psendomembranous colitis, thrombocytopenia, leucopenia
Thrombophlebitis + Electrolytes imbalance following I.V. use.
Nursing considerations:
I.M. is preferred, minimize discomfort by using solution of up to 100,000 units \ml.
Monitor intake & output (I & O) .
Solution may be stored at room temp. for 24 hr or in refrigerator for 1 week.
Use 1% - 2% lidocaine as a diluent for I.M. use to decrease pain at injection site.
Note the penicillin G should not be mixed during I.V. administration with the following drugs: aminophylline, gentamycin, heparin, vancomycin & sodium bicarbonate.