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Pancuronium :
Trade names: Pavulon
Class: Non-depolarizing muscle relaxants
Pregnancy: (Category C)
Pancuronium, is a non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agent that competes with acetylcholine for cholino- ceptive sites at the postjunctional membrane and thereby blocks competitively the transmitter action of acetylcholine resulting in muscle paralysis.
Pancuronium bromide is indicated as an adjunct to general anesthesia to facilitate tracheal intubation and to provide skeletal muscle relaxation during surgery or mechanical ventilation.

by intravenous injection, initially for intubation 50–100 micrograms/kg then 10–20 micrograms/kg as required; CHILD initially 60–100 micrograms/kg, then 10–20 micrograms/kg, Neonate 30–40 mic/kg initially then 10–20 micrograms/kg
Intensive care, by intravenous injection, 60 mic/kg every 60–90 minutes
  • Hypersensitivity.
Side effects:
chest pain
pain, redness, swelling or irritation at the injection site
shortness of breath, wheezing
unusual muscle weakness or tiredness
flushing (reddening of skin)
rash, itching
Nursing considerations:
May administered undiluted by rapid I.V injection as requested.
Monitor parameters ( Heart rate, blood pressure, assisted ventilation status, cardiac monitor, and ventilated required.
Nurse should not alter the pt's state of unconsciousness