Endodontists or Root Canal Therapists? Could we Manage Our Troubled

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تم تعديل 2009/07/12 في المداواة اللبية Endodontics
The best dental pulps are probably not made of rubber. For decades, we have shied away form full engagement with the sophisticated reaction patterns of the dentine/pulp complex, and fear of acute and chronic consequences have stigmatized attempts at vital pulp therapy. Our heavily restored urban populations age with ever increasing endodontic need, much of which may be the legacy of our habitual caries management. As we learn lessons for the future, should we be
pulp physicians or surgeons, cautious partial excavators, or bold excisors of infected and affected tissues? This brief presentation will introduce some of the real dilemmas facing dental professionals as they plan not just for tooth restoration, but for long-term tooth and pulp survival.
Learning Objectives:
Understand contemporary ‘surgical’ and ‘therapeutic’ approaches to deep
caries management.
Be better acquainted with the literature and its limitations on pulp preservation
during caries management.
Be better informed to make judgements on the way they manage deep caries
in their own daily practice.