Challenges Educators Face in Preparing Professionals in the 21st CenturyChallenges Ed

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تم تعديل 2009/07/12 في المداواة اللبية Endodontics
Dental education has experienced major changes in the last 20 years which greatly
affect the training and experiences of today’s dental students. New educational
models must function with less support, however, in a much more complicated
dental world than ever before. Dental students have also changed dramatically,
and the personality profile of today’s students is amazingly different than the
previous generation of learners. How can excellence survive in this new
environment? Dr. Stevenson’s presentation will highlight the current dental
school milieu and discuss some functioning teaching innovations that address
these challenges.
Learning Objectives: (two to four objectives that attendees will learn)
• Understand the major trends in the changing dental patient population.
• Understand the differences in dental students, comparing the last two
• Understand the faculty shortage in dental education and what the future holds
for the entire dental educational system.
• Understand what types of innovative teaching systems may improve the
quality of the dental student learner of today and beyond.