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Oxytocin :
Trade names: Pitocin, Syntocinon
Class: Labor inducer " induce uterine contractions ", oxytocic agent.
Pregnancy: (Category B)
It has uterine stimulant, vasopressive & antidiuretic properties.
  • Mimics uterine contractions of normal labor.
  • Facilitates ejection of milk from the breasts by stimulating smooth muscles.
  • Antepartum induction or stimulation of labor.
  • Uterine inertia (hypotonic contractions).
  • For induction of labor in case of preeclampsia, eclampsia ,maternal diabetes & other conditions.
  • To hasten uterine involution .
  • Intranasally for postpartum hemorrhage & uterine atony.

For Prevention and treatment of hemorrhage
Prevention of postpartum hemorrhage, after delivery of placenta, by slow intravenous injection, 5 units (if infusion used for induction or enhancement of labor, increase rate during third stage and for next few hours)
May be given in a dose of 10 units by intramuscular injection [unlicensed route] instead of oxytocin with ergometrine
Treatment of postpartum hemorrhage, by slow intravenous injection, 5–10 units, followed in severe cases by intravenous infusion of 5–30 units in 500 mL infusion fluid at a rate sufficient to control uterine atony.
Avoid rapid intravenous injection (may cause short-lasting drop in blood pressure).
§ Hypersensitivity
§ cephalopelvic disproportion (C.P.D. )
§ Malpreresentation
§ undilated cervix
§ History of cesarean delivery.
Side effects:
Tetanic uterine contraction, rupture uterus Hypertension , tachycardia.
To Fetus :- it may cause death, intracranial hemorrhage, brady or tachycardia
Nursing considerations:
1- The physician should be available during administration of the drug.
2- Use Y-tubing for I.V. administration (one bottle contain oxytocin & another free) .
3- Note any history of hypersensitivity & other contraindications.
4- Check for cervical dilation & uterine contractions patterns.
5- Remain with the client throughout the administration of medication.
6- Monitor fetal heart rate at least every 10 minutes.
7- Check vital signs every 15minutes.
8- Prevent uterine rupture & fetal damage by clamping off I.V. oxytocin , start medication – Free fluid , provide O2 & notify the physician in case of hypertonic uterine contraction & abnormal fetal heart rate patterns.


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