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Acetylcystine :
Trade names: N-acetylcystine, Mucomyst
Class: Antidotes (for acetaminophen), mucolytic
Pregnancy: (Category B)

· PO: Decreases the buildup of a hepatotoxic metabolite in acetaminophen overdosage
· Inhal: Degrades mucus, allowing easier mobilization and expectoration.
· PO: Emergency (within 24 hr) management of potentially hepatotoxic overdosage of acetaminophen
· Inhal: Mucolytic in the management of conditions associated with thick viscid mucous secretions.
IV infusion 150 mg/kg in 200 ml of D 5% over 15 min then 50mg /kg
in 500 ml of D 5% over 4 hours then 100 mg/kg/ 16 hours in 1 L of D5% .
  • Hypersensitivity.
Side effects:
  • CNS: drowsiness.
  • EENT: rhinorrhea.
  • Resp: bronchial/tracheal irritation, bronchoconstriction, chest tightness, increased secretions.
  • GI: nausea, vomiting, stomatitis.
  • Derm: clamminess, urticaria.
  • Misc: chills, fever.
Nursing considerations:
With the administration of MUCOMYST, the patient may observe initially a slight disagreeable odor that is soon not noticeable. With a face mask there may be stickiness on the face after nebulization. This is easily removed by washing with water.