Discharge criteria from icu


The status of patients admitted to an ICU should be reviewed continuously to identify patients who may no longer need ICU care.

(Patients no longer meeting Admission Criteria to the ICU )

This includes:

A. When a patient's physiologic status has stabilised and the need for ICU monitoring and care is no longer necessary

B. When a patient's physiological status has deteriorated and / or become irreversible and active interventions are no longer beneficial, withdrawal of therapy should be carried out in the intensive care unit.

Patient should only be discharged to the ward if bed is required.

Discharge will be based on the following criteria:

1- Stable haemodynamic parameters

2- Stable respiratory status (patient extubated with stable arterial blood gases) and airway patency

3- Oxygen requirements not more than 60%

4- Intravenous inotropic/ vasopressor support and vasodilators are no longer necessary. Patients on low dose inotropic support may be discharged earlier if ICU bed is required.

( Systolic Blood pressure> 90 mmHg without vasoactive agents - Diastolic Blood pressure< I 00 mm Hg without vasoactive agents )

5- Cardiac dysrhythmias are controlled

6- Neurologic stability with control of seizures

7- Patients who require chronic mechanical ventilation (eg motor neuron disease, cervical spine injuries) with any of the acute critical problems reversed or resolved

( Patients without an endotracheal tube and maintaining Sp02 >or equal to 92% )

8- Patients with tracheostomies who no longer require frequent suctioning

9- Patients not requiring blood products within a 24hour period

10- Resolution of acute abnormal laboratory values


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    Our Hospital uses current discharge criteria for phase I and phase II. Our ECT patients recieve a neuromuscular blocker and fentanyl and are considered a GA.