Listed below are some typical instrument setups for the various dental procedures:

Basic Examination Setup
1. Mouth mirror
2. Explorer
3. Periodontal probe
4. Cotton forceps
5. 2" x 2" gauze sponges

Anesthetic Setup
1. Topical anesthetic
2. 2" x 2" gauze sponges or cotton-tip applicator
3. Assembled aspirating syringe
a. Syringe
b. Needle for arch to be worked on
c. Carpule with barb seated

Rubber Dam Instrument Setup
1. Mouth mirror
2. Explorer #23
3. Rubber dam material
4. Rubber dam stamp
5. Rubber dam punch
6. Rubber dam clamp
7. Rubber dam clamp forceps
8. Rubber dam frame
9. Dental floss
10. Suture scissors (blunt nose)
11. Stellite #1-2

Restorative Setups
1. Base and amalgam
a. Burs
b. Excavators - matched pair
c. Hatchets - matched pair
d. Gingival margin trimmers - matched pair
e. Chisel - paired only with Wederstaedt #41 and #42
f. Mixing pad
g. Base material
h. Ladmore #3 plugger or Dycal instrument
i. Assembled Tofflemire matrix and band for correct arch
j. Wooden wedges
k. Amalgam carrier
l. Amalgam pluggers
m. Carvers #89 and #92 or Tanner 5T
n. Carver, Hollenback #3
o. Articulating paper
2. Base and composite resin
a. Burs
b. Excavators - pair
c. Hatchet #17 or #53, #54
d. Chisel - paired only with Wedelstaedt #41 and #42
e. Mixing pad
f. Base material
g. Ladmore #3 plugger or Dycal instrument
h. Matrix material
(1) Celluloid strip and wedge (proximal)
(2) Cervical matrix (facial)
(3) Crown form (incisal edge)
i. Plastic placing instrument
j. Finishing material
(1) Cuttlefish strip (proximal)
(2) Sandpaper disc and mandrel (facial, incisal)
k. Surgical knife

Surgical Setups
1. Basic setup
a. Forceps holding air
b. Instrument forceps (in jar)
c. Periosteal elevator - Molt #9
d. Root elevators - 34S and 301
e. Extracting forceps - appropriate one
f. 2" x 2" gauze sponges
2. Supplementary items determined by procedure, as well as preference of the dentist.
a. Oral surgical burs
b. Surgical knife
c. Apical fragment root elevators - paired for posterior
d. Curettes - paired for posterior
e. Rongeur
f. Surgical scissors
g. Suture material
h. Suture scissors
i. Bone file
j. Gingival retractors
k. Oral surgical mallet
l. Oral surgical chisel
m. Dental surgical burs
n. Apical fragment root elevators
o. Iodoform impregnated gauze

Routine Tooth Extraction Setup
(Same as Basic Surgical Setup)

Endodontic Instrument Setups
1. Basic setup
a. Dappen dishes for different medications needed
b. Burs - assorted long shank
c. Glass irrigating syringes
d. Cotton pellets
e. Broaches
f. Broach holder
g. Files
h. Reamers
i. Paper absorbent points
j. Rule
k. Temporary stopping
l. Plastic filling instrument
m. Endodontic explorer
n. Excavator
o. Cotton pliers
2. Endodontic filling--tray setup
a. Paper points
b. Sealer
c. Zinc phosphate powder/liquid
d. Glass irrigating syringes
e. Gutta-percha and silver points
f. Root canal pluggers and spreaders
g. Hemostat
h. Plastic instrument
i. Spatula
j. Glass slab